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Get more people back to your site

Boost your website traffic and conversions with web push notifications.

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A native web push notification tool to engage and convert

  • Bring people back to your website

    Returning site visitors are more likely to convert than first-timers.

  • Convert strangers to customers

    Increase web push subscription rates with custom opt-in prompts.

  • Optimize your
    marketing stack

    Web pushes are an essential growth and messaging tool in your marketing toolkit.

  • Enjoy no-limits notifications

    Share unlimited notifications to engage customers with timely offers and updates.

Reach your audience while they're browsing other sites

Send web push notifications on desktop and mobile browsers to promote new offers or content, grow your list, and make more sales.

Get push subscribers with custom opt-in prompts

Web push notifications are a perfect first touchpoint with your site visitors. Deploy relevant opt-in messages and get new push subscribers in one click.

  • Write a relevant message to encourage sign ups
  • Add custom colors to grab visitors’ attention
  • Stay on brand by adding your icon or logo
  • Get more push subscribers in no time

Go beyond your email list with web push notifications

No matter where your customers are browsing on the internet, now you can bring them back to your website with web push notifications – no email address required.

  • Create unlimited hard-to-miss notifications
  • Bring back site and cart abandoners for more sales
  • Nurture push subscribers with educational content
  • Promote new offers to past and potential buyers

A new engagement tool for your marketing toolkit

Combine GetResponse Web Push Notifications with native email marketing and marketing automation tools to run multichannel campaigns.


Analyze what works best to maximize conversions

Create an unlimited number of web push notifications and launch them when users are most likely to engage.

  • Monitor views and clicks on opt-in prompt messages
  • Track actionable metrics: impression, delivery rate, and click-through rates
  • Optimize your web push strategy based on user's behavior

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Resources to get you started with web push notifications

Launch web push notifications on your website

Get a step-by-step guide on how to add web pushes to your website and get more visitors back to your website.

Best practices for web push marketing

Best practices and insights to get you started with web push notifications in GetResponse.


Personalize web push experiences for more impact

Keep your web push notifications relevant and personal by fueling them with with customer and subscriber data pulled from your GetResponse account.


Trigger notifications based on specific behavior

Whenever push subscribers perform specific actions on your website or email, use marketing automation to trigger web push notifications instantly or with a delay.


Use subscriber data in your web push messages

Use the power of your email marketing database and subscriber data to fuel more personalized, relevant notifications. Get more clicks and bring more sales to your business.

Web push notifications explained

What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are timely updates that your website visitors can opt-in to. They are sent via the browser and are available both on desktop and mobile devices. When clicked, the notification redirects the user to a website you chose.

How do GetResponse Web Push Notifications work?

The prompt opt-in message pops up below the search bar when the user visits the website. After they agreed to receive updates from you, the notifications are displayed in the corner of the user's screen (desktop) or the notification panel (mobile/tablets).

To start using web push notifications at GetResponse, you need to create a Site in your account, which will contain all of your notifications, your website's URL, and other notification-related information.

For more information, on how to get started with web push notifications at GetResponse, click here.

How can I benefit from web pushes?

Web push notifications inform your audience about any news, sales, discounts, articles and posts, and even recover abandoned carts. They can bring your audience closer to your brand and keep them in the loop, creating a tighter-knit community.

And, of course, they significantly boost your website traffic and, ultimately, conversions.

What are the technical requirements for this feature?

There are no technical requirements or limitations for this feature.

Web push notifications can be used by anyone who has a website. They are an additional, inexpensive and super convenient marketing channel, allowing you to reach your audience.

*Please note that at the moment, GetResponse Web Push Notifications support all the main browsers apart from Safari and Internet Explorer 11.

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