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GetResponse is a leader in Enterprise Marketing Automation on G2 GetResponse is a leader in Enterprise Marketing Automation on G2


Track your leads, speed up sales

Get more sales with custom pipelines

See your entire sales process at a glance and close more deals. With a customized sales pipeline, you can easily spot opportunities, build lasting customer relationships, and nurture new leads to sold. Plus, set your own stages to match your business processes and sales funnel.

All-in-one lead tracking

Keep an eye on every lead and action – all in one place. You can set the lead owner, deal value, and close date. Plus, track deals to pinpoint quick wins – and drag-and-drop them through the pipeline.

Keep your deals updated

Smart sales and marketing is all about staying organized. Keep on top of your daily tasks by adding notes and comments to your deals. And use the CRM calendar to keep in touch with your customers when it matters most.

Bridge the sales and marketing gap

Bring it all together: combine your CRM software, email marketing, automation, and other essentials in one place – and get a big-picture view of all your leads and customers. Build workflows to match each deal’s stage, tags, score, and more – and send targeted emails at the perfect point.

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